The US Forest Service bases their budgets on fiscal years which run October through September of each year. We base our hours and accomplishments on this time frame as well, as our work aids them in getting more support, fund, and grants to further the trail cause. With that, here’s what happened over the 2016 Fiscal Year, from 10/1/2015 through 9/30/2016.

Accomplishments 2016

Volunteer Hours: 2,479 hours of volunteer labor was put into building and maintaining the trails around the Big Bear area. 95% of these hours were on the ground with tools in hand, while 5% were meeting based.

Fall Line Trail Rebuilt: the entire length of this trail, 2.5 miles, was rebuilt, bringing it all up to sustainable trail standards. A huge thanks goes to Mammoth Resorts, who provided the labor and machines for this work.

Partnerships Built: the Trails Advisory Group was created, which brings together key community partners on a monthly basis to push forward the trails agenda for all of Big Bear. This group includes the City of Big Bear Lake, the County of San Bernardino, the Southern California Mountains Foundation, the United States Forest Service, and the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation.

Trails Coordinator Employee: working with the Trails Advisory Group, a full time employee was hired to manage the Adopt-A-Trail program and support other trail activities in the Big Bear area.

Big Bear Non-Motorized Trails Plan: long term planning is in process for an interconnected trail system in the Big Bear area. The board approved a $5,000 payment to San Diego State University for a GIS Modeling system to assist in trail assessment.