1. BBVTF LogoNational Trails Day Saturday June 4th. Big trail work day from 1-5pm, big BBQ, raffle, celebration afterward. We’re using Snow Summit lower party area as our base. And the trail we are working on is…
  2. Fall Line Construction Begins in May. Working with the Southern California Mountains Foundation Crews, the USFS, the Trails Foundation, and with a helping hand from Snow Summit, we’re finally getting started on this. Goal is to have either the upper or lower section open by the end of National Trails Day.
  3. Skyline East (Plumber’s) Tweaks: the original goal of this trail was to get people off 2N10 and provide reasonable grades for ease of climbing and safe descent. Some of the sections got a bit steep, and while it’s fun to come down it’s a bit of a scare for hikers and bikers coming up the trails. And then there are the maintenance and erosion issues. So, we’re going to tweak some of the steep downhill sections and tight corners to make it a bit better. Most of the work will be done on Lower Plumber’s, with work beginning asap. Snow Summit has officially adopted this section, so they are going to provide some muscle.
  4. Conflict of Interests and Bigger Businesses on the Trails: right now we’re getting more of what we need, which is support and involvement from Snow Summit, the Mountains Foundation, and HOPEFULLY the City of Big Bear Lake and County of San Bernardino. It’s easy to think that when big money enters the picture they can control the game. Rest assured that our role at the Trails Foundation is to constantly be a potential thorn in the side for all of these parties, to keep them honest and answering to US THE PUBLIC, and call them out when needed. These folks don’t write our paychecks, so it’s easy to open our mouths. Right now intentions all truly seem to be honest and inline with the greater good of all trail users.

If you have your own opinions or thoughts, or would like clarification on issues, please let us know here or at hello@trailsfoudation.org.