Fern-Adopt-A-Trail-9So far so good with our Adopt-A-Trail program; we have 20 sections of trail adopted as of the beginning of August, 2015.

From big groups to small collections of friends, it takes all kinds to care for our trails. See the complete list of trails and people, as well as information on how you can get involved in Adopt-A-Trail.

Here are some pictures of the people generously helping out with Fern, Skyline and Castle Rock trails through this program:


Sandra Simper and Robyn McQuade have been taking care of Fern Trail all summer long.



Sandra and Robyn’s Namesake Dogz.




Bear Mountain Ski Patrol got some good press in the local Big Bear Grizzly newspaper while helping maintain the Skyline Trail.


Heather Steil donated $500 to the Castle Rock Trail. We’re hoping to use this money for roadside trail signs (there arent any right now!!!).