Despite working 40 hours a week as a GIS programmer, Allan Laframboise spends his spare time wisely. He has been building singletrack trails with the Boy Scouts out near Jenks Lake, talking with the city of Loma Linda about signing the trails at Hulga Crooks Park, supporting the non-profit group, and racing his 29″ single speed bike in the pro class. Whew.

What is particularly motivating about Allan is his message: “You haven’t lived until you’ve built a mile of singletrack”. With all of the work headed our way for the South Shore and Skyline Trails, this is a rule we can all stand to live by.

Allan lives at the top of Moonridge, and has the network of trailsup there down to a science. He was nice enough to take me on a ride and we checked out his trail…up 2N93 and on down the Sugarloaf Trail. I’m still recovering.