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Skyline Trail 9/23/2012 RSVP HERE!

Despite the massive rain we've had in Big Bear over the last month, we've been in a drought; a trail building drought. The skies are opening up finally, and Sunday September 23rd will bring down the first official shovels as we hit the ground up on Skyline Corner. Come join us as we work on [...]

Skyline Trail 9/23/2012 RSVP HERE!2015-01-04T14:48:24-08:00

Local Users Advise the Trails Foundation

On Tuesday, September 11th the Trails Foundation and special guests took over the upstairs of Captain's Anchorage. Dinner, drinks, and the promise of Big Bear trail news brought together a key group of influential local trail users. Our goal: listen to their feedback and get them involved in the challenging trail based projects headed towards [...]

Local Users Advise the Trails Foundation2015-01-04T14:48:15-08:00

Summer 2012 Newsletter

As the summer of 2012 closes down on us, here’s a summary of trail related news for the Big Bear Valley. JUNE Economics of Big Bear Trails The Trails Foundation hosted a presentation about the economic benefits of trails by IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) Southwest Region Director Patrick Kell. Bottom line: trails generate revenue, [...]

Summer 2012 Newsletter2014-03-08T08:31:39-08:00

Allan’s Trail: Build Singletrack!!!

Despite working 40 hours a week as a GIS programmer, Allan Laframboise spends his spare time wisely. He has been building singletrack trails with the Boy Scouts out near Jenks Lake, talking with the city of Loma Linda about signing the trails at Hulga Crooks Park, supporting the non-profit group, and racing his 29" [...]

Allan’s Trail: Build Singletrack!!!2014-03-08T08:32:04-08:00

Gianna and Jonathan’s Trail

You just might see Gianna and Jonathan cruising around town on a bright yellow tandem mountain bike, Jonathan's red hair leading back to Gianna's giant smile. Their bike is used not only for  recreation, but for transportation and errands. It's nice living in a town where you can ride much of the year if you [...]

Gianna and Jonathan’s Trail2014-03-08T08:32:17-08:00

Gary, Chain Saw Master

This once proud tree, which came off second best in a high wind, had completely blocked the popular Grout Bay trail. No problem for Gary and his chainsaw. We were there early Saturday, knocked the job out and were home drinking coffee by 9:30am and the trail is open once again for all the diverse users to enjoy! Good [...]

Gary, Chain Saw Master2015-01-04T14:47:56-08:00

Tip Top Mountain

Trail Name: Tip Top Mountain Forest Service Designation: 2N90 Total Distance: 1.7 miles one way Overview: Rocky and steep road up to one of the best views in Big Bear. Difficulty: If you hike this it is moderate, with several sections of loose rock. On a mountain bike this is a difficult climb that will [...]

Tip Top Mountain2015-01-04T13:49:03-08:00

New Big Bear Trail and Mountain Bike Documentary Event

Foundation kicks off new trail & premieres documentary The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation will celebrate the kickoff of construction on the Skyline Trail and premiere the award-winning documentary Pedal-Driven on Saturday, June 2, 2012. Skyline Trail, the first new trail in the Big Bear Lake area in almost 2 decades, is a 15 mile [...]

New Big Bear Trail and Mountain Bike Documentary Event2014-03-08T08:33:14-08:00

Lost Creek Trail

Trail Name: Lost Creek Forest Service Designation: 1E09 Total Distance: 5.75 miles one way Overview: rarely used trail that takes you up into the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area. Difficulty: Moderate. Activities: Hiking and Horses. Bikes are not permitted in Wilderness Areas. Trail Type: 100% singletrack. Description: The Lost Creek Trail starts right at Highway 38 [...]

Lost Creek Trail2015-01-04T13:26:21-08:00

Pizza & Pizzazz POPS!

Thank You! Pizza and Pizzazz was a smashing success as over 150 people turned out to support the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation Fund Raiser. We need to thank a number of businesses and individuals for their wonderful support. First, thanks to all who joined us for a great evening of food, music and friendship. [...]

Pizza & Pizzazz POPS!2014-03-08T08:33:38-08:00

Pam’s Trail

Pam Kalina. Super nice resident of Big Bear. Just retired as the race director of the world famous Holcomb Valley Trail Run. And she was kind enough to talk to us about one of her favorite trails here in Big Bear: the Cougar Crest Trail.   Pam's Trail was published in a May 2012 edition [...]

Pam’s Trail2014-03-08T08:33:53-08:00

IMBA Rep Comes to Big Bear!

NEW IMBA SOUTHWESTERN REGIONAL DIRECTOR TO VISIT BIG BEAR Mr. Patrick Kell will be visiting in Big Bear Valley on April 16 and 17. The Trails Foundation will be taking him into to the field to see the Skyline Trail Proposal and other work the Trails Foundation has accomplished. He will be meeting with local [...]

IMBA Rep Comes to Big Bear!2014-03-08T08:34:24-08:00

Get Involved with Tour of California!

Here is your opportunity to get involved! The Amgen Tour of California (Professional Bike Race) is coming to Big Bear on Friday, May 18th. Stage 6 finish of the 8 stage road race is at Snow Summit! The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation will be once again providing a “free”, (donations are always accepted), Bike [...]

Get Involved with Tour of California!2014-03-08T08:34:35-08:00

Retired: Gary Keller

Gary has been a Big Bear Valley resident since 1973, enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, snow shoeing, watersports, just to name a few of the outdoor activities that this valley has to offer. He also wields a wicked polaski and mcleod as he shapes and melds trails to look fantastic!

Retired: Gary Keller2018-10-10T13:39:26-07:00

Retired: Craig Smith

Craig and family moved to Big Bear Lake fulltime in 2000. An avid downhill skier and general outdoors enthusiast, Craig found his cycling passion in 2006 and has been riding a bike ever since! Trails Foundation was a great way to get involved to improve and expand the trails system throughout the Valley. Dedicated bike [...]

Retired: Craig Smith2018-10-10T13:38:26-07:00

Ed Wallace

Ed is a 10 year resident of Big Bear having moved here after a 30 year career in the engineering and construction industry where he managed major oil and gas projects on the Alaska North Slope,Venezuela and the lower 48 states.He is an a avid hiker and leads hikes and backpacks for the Sierra Club.The [...]

Ed Wallace2013-06-02T17:49:21-07:00

Driz Cook

Driz hails from Colorado, and after living in other outdoor type towns like Boulder, Durango, and Moab, he found himself in the mecca for the next generation…Big Bear! He has successfully survived in the field of outdoor education for the last 15 years and currently works at a local outdoor science school. When not attempting [...]

Driz Cook2018-10-10T13:38:55-07:00

Why Big Bear Is Cool #6: Holiday Traffic Jams

The holidays always bring various levels of pain and pleasure. Seeing your daughter ride her new bike for the first time: pleasure. Watching your brother in-law wince as he tries to drink a little spiked eggnog: pleasure. Driving into a tourist town at any moment between December 20th and January 2nd: pain. A whole heck [...]

Why Big Bear Is Cool #6: Holiday Traffic Jams2014-03-08T08:36:42-08:00

USFS Sign Specifications

Everything you ever wanted to know about signing trails in the National Forest: United States Forest Service's very comprehensive Sign and Poster Guidelines for the Forest Service A listing of all the above Guideline sections in PDF format Signage section from the USFS Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook USFS Signposts for Snow Trails Forest Service [...]

USFS Sign Specifications2015-01-04T14:47:49-08:00

Volunteering at Endure the Bear

Volunteers and volunteering make the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation an organization with a big heart. In September, members of the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation volunteered to run “Advance Base Camp,” an aid station for the Endure the Bear trail run. From about 6:00 in the morning until nearly 6:00 at night, volunteers tracked, [...]

Volunteering at Endure the Bear2014-03-08T08:37:21-08:00

The Trail Beckoned

I had one of those weekends. I packed my tent and bike up and I went down to a mountain bike race down the hill. Bike race was just what I needed, and was on my way home on Highway 330 when I thought about Castle Rock Trail. I knew I was stopping at the [...]

The Trail Beckoned2012-03-11T07:14:30-07:00

Pacific Crest Trail Maintenance Fun

The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation cleared a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail this past Sunday, October 23rd. The area of the PCT was south of Hanna Flat Campground, in a beautiful area with views of Holcomb Valley and the Butler 2 Fire. A large portion of the trail had buckthorn growing onto it, [...]

Pacific Crest Trail Maintenance Fun2014-03-08T08:37:38-08:00

Chutes That Stink

At the last Trails Foundation board meeting, we got into a healthy debate about opening and closing trails. Right now we're pushing hard to develop the Skyline Trail, and US Forest Service district ranger Scott Tangenberg is doing a fantastic job talking with us and helping to support this project. Scott though, like all of [...]

Chutes That Stink2014-03-08T08:37:53-08:00

Skyline Trail Update

As many of you are aware the BBVTF has been working very hard to establish a single track trail that will roughly parallel 2N10.  Lots of time and effort, that often goes un-noticed has gone into this effort.  We wanted to update you on this work so you know progress continues.   A public hearing [...]

Skyline Trail Update2014-03-08T08:38:08-08:00

Pedal Path Paved

All of us know what a great asset the Pedal Path on the North Shore is for our Valley. No it’s not a great challenging path for strong hikers or riders. It is just a great path for families and folks who want a nice hike or ride along the lake. And I am sure [...]

Pedal Path Paved2014-03-08T08:38:15-08:00

Trail Work: 10/23

Come join the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation, meet some locals, see a different area of Big Bear, rehabilitate a trail, and do some good! We’ll be heading out to a section of the Pacific Crest Trail above Fawnskin and YMCA Camp Whittle on Sunday, October 23rd. Seems that last winter, and the fire burns, [...]

Trail Work: 10/232012-03-11T07:33:01-07:00

Another Night of Trail Work

We made it out to the 7 Oaks trail again last Wednesday for a productive hour or so of trail maintenance. It’s amazing how much you can get done in a short amount of time. It’s equally amazing how much fun this “work” can be! We’ll keep rocking the Wednesday night fun fests, so get [...]

Another Night of Trail Work2014-03-08T08:38:24-08:00

Wednesday Evening Trail Work #1

Don't listen to them. Trail work is not easy. However, it can be fun...and social...and good exercise. This is exactly what happened on Wednesday night when three Trails Foundation board members worked on the 7 Oaks Trail. We met at Aspen Glen picnic area at 5pm and rode 2 miles up to the 7 Oaks [...]

Wednesday Evening Trail Work #12014-03-08T08:38:38-08:00

Wednesday Night Trail Work #2

We made it out to the 7 Oaks trail again last Wednesday for a productive hour or so of trail maintenance. It’s amazing how much you can get done in a short amount of time. It’s equally amazing how much fun this “work” can be! We’ll keep rocking the Wednesday night fun fests, so get [...]

Wednesday Night Trail Work #22014-03-08T08:38:54-08:00

Golden Pulaski Awarded to Eggebraten

Thanks to her tireless tenacity and dedication to non-motorized transportation and recreation in the Big Bear Valley, The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation was pleased to honor Siri Eggebraten with its first-ever Golden Pulaski Award. As Foundation President Phil Hamilton said when he addressed the City Council at their August 22nd meeting, "I am sure [...]

Golden Pulaski Awarded to Eggebraten2014-03-08T08:39:02-08:00

$230,000 Local Planning Grant Received

The City of Big Bear Lake, County of San Bernardino and Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation are proud to announce that the three partners have been awarded a $233,370 grant from the Caltrans Department of Transportation (Caltrans) for the development of the Big Bear Valley Pedestrian, Bicycle and Equestrian Master Plan. The funds will be [...]

$230,000 Local Planning Grant Received2014-03-08T08:39:14-08:00

Skyline Trail Public Meeting

On Saturday, August 20, 2011, a group of over 30 people attended the public meeting held by the US Forest Service for the proposed Skyline Trail. A general description of the project was provided by Deputy District Ranger Omero Torres, along with a short walking tour of existing and new trail sections under consideration for [...]

Skyline Trail Public Meeting2014-03-08T08:39:26-08:00

Pine Knot Trail

Trail Name: Pine Knot Forest Service Designation: 1E01 Total Distance: 3.1 miles one way Overview: popular and well maintained trail that ends at a great overlook. Difficulty: easy to moderate. Activities: hiking, biking and horseback riding. Trail Type: 100% singletrack. Description: A classic Big Bear trail, Pine Knot takes you from the Aspen Glen picnic [...]

Pine Knot Trail2015-01-04T13:25:35-08:00

Aspen Grove

NOTE - this area is in the burn area of the Lake Fire 2015, and access road 1N05 is closed until December of 2018. Trail Name: Aspen Grove Forest Service Designation: 2E05 Total Distance: 1.85 miles one way Overview: Trail that takes you to a grove of Aspen Trees. Difficulty: Easy to Moderate. Activities: Hiking [...]

Aspen Grove2017-11-10T14:08:13-08:00

Heart Bar Peak

Trail Name: Heart Bar Peak Forest Service Designation: 1N38 Total Distance: 3.2 miles one way Overview: Steep climb up a trail to a peak with views of San Gorgonio and Sugarloaf Peak. Difficulty: Moderate. Activities: Hiking, biking, horseback riding. Trail Type: 4x4 trail. Description: Hidden off the side of Highway 38 is a short and [...]

Heart Bar Peak2015-01-04T13:25:20-08:00

Siberia Creek

Trail Name: Siberia Creek Forest Service Designation: 1W04 Total Distance: 6.1 miles one way Overview: rugged and scenic trail that drops down into the Bear Creek drainage and ends at Siberia Creek Group Camp. Difficulty: advanced. This is a steep and wild trail that has been neglected and ignored for many years. It is in [...]

Siberia Creek2015-01-04T13:25:12-08:00

Grout Bay Loop

Trail Name: Grout Bay Loop Forest Service Designation: 1W05, 1W06, 3N14, Rim of the World Drive, Highway 38 Total Distance: 12 miless Overview: Dirt road climb to rolling downhill singletrack. Out and back up to Grays Peak and then downhill back to beginning. Difficulty: Easy to moderate. Activities: Hiking, Biking Trail Type: Singletrack, dirt road, [...]

Grout Bay Loop2015-01-04T13:25:04-08:00

Cougar Crest

Trail Name: Cougar Crest Forest Service Designation: 1E22 Total Distance: 2.3 miles one way Overview: Popular trail with views of Big Bear Lake. Difficulty: Easy to moderate. Activities: Hiking, biking. Please avoid conflict and don't bike this during high use times. Trail Type: 100% singletrack. Description: This popular trail is a "must do" in all [...]

Cougar Crest2015-01-04T13:24:52-08:00

PCT Onyx to Cushenberry

Trail Name: Pacific Crest Trail Onyx to Cushenberry Total Distance: 13.2 miles one way Overview: Long and diverse hike along beautiful Pacific Crest Trail. Difficulty: The trail itself is easy to moderate; doing the entire section in a day is difficult. Activities: Hiking, horseback riding. Remember; no bikes on PCT. Trail Type: 100% singletrack. Description: [...]

PCT Onyx to Cushenberry2016-03-28T11:25:06-07:00

John Bull

Trail Name: John Bull Forest Service Designation: 3N10, 3N43, 3N07, 3N32, 3N02, 3N16 Total Distance: 11.2 mile loop Overview: rough dirt road loop with views of local rock climbing area and desert to the north. Difficulty: On a bike this is a difficult trail; it is technical and demanding. If you hike this, the trail [...]

John Bull2015-01-04T13:24:11-08:00

Holcomb Valley Tour

Trail Name: Holcomb Valley Tour Forest Service Designation: Multiple roads and trails. Total Distance: 20 mile loop. Overview: Long dirt road loop with views of Big Bear Lake and Holcomb Valley. Difficulty: On a bike, the technical difficulty is moderate. Several hill climbs and the length make this close to advanced. Activities: Biking Trail Type: [...]

Holcomb Valley Tour2015-01-04T13:22:29-08:00

Retired: Chairman: Phil Hamilton

Phil is a 40 ++ year resident of Big Bear and retired in 1999 after working in education for 37 years. He worked in Bear Valley for 27 of those years and was a teacher, counselor and administrator over the course of those years. He concluded his career working in the County Schools office. He [...]

Retired: Chairman: Phil Hamilton2014-02-15T09:29:04-08:00

Retired: Vice Chairman – Randy Putz

Randy’s passion for hiking, running, and riding Big Bear trails led him to the doorstep of the early Big Bear Valley Trails Coalition, which he helped transform into the current Foundation. When he is not on the trail, Randall creates destination marketing products and provides services that benefit visitor-based businesses and increase area tourism. He [...]

Retired: Vice Chairman – Randy Putz2013-12-10T06:52:19-08:00

Retired: Siri Eggebraten

Siri is a Dakotan transplant who works as an urban planner for the City of Big Bear Lake. As a professional, Siri focuses on community development and the integration of the City with and the ecosystems that surround it. Her favorite days away from work involve multiple activities such as rock-climbing in the morning, midday [...]

Retired: Siri Eggebraten2014-09-25T18:52:04-07:00
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