Hey Mountain Bikers!

As the weather turns from good to great, and the trail beckons, please remember two big laws that we need to heed:

  1. No bikes on the Pacific Crest Trail
  2. No bikes in Wilderness Areas

Take heart that there are tons of other fantastic trails in which to take your favorite metal steed, and realize that right now, mountain bikers in Big Bear are being treated very, very well. Skyline and all of the trails around South Shore are taking shape and set to become a true biker’s home in our own little mountain paradise.

A Note From An Equestrian

“Bike riders have access to most all roads and trails. This has resulted in equestrians being pushed out of being able to use many trails we had ridden for years due to compromised safety for horse and rider. The PCT is a safe haven for us to be able to ride our horses without having to constantly worry about a bike around a curve, maybe on a steep ledge or narrow switchback, being hit front end or rear and being thrown from our horse or having the horse go over the side. There are few of us who ride the valley trails anymore, the risk is not worth it. On a bike you have your mechanics to deal with…on a horse you have to deal with its fears and perceptions, quite different then just hitting the brake.” – Audrey Scranton