Board of Directors

None of us get paid…at least in dollars. However, we get to shape not only dirt, but the future of trails in Big Bear. Dirty but Powerful!

Sierra Orr

Sierra and her husband Ryan moved to Big Bear in 2013. An eastside resident of Baldwin Lake, Sierra is big fan of hiking, backpacking and fishing. She and her husband have hiked several California peaks including Telescope, Langley, San Jacinto, San Antonio and Mt. Whitney. One of her favorite moments was summiting Mt. Rainier with Ryan on their 3rd anniversary. When she’s not out walking uphill for fun, Sierra is working for the Big Bear Lake Deptartment of Water in Public Information and Water Conservation.

Susan Mueller

Robert Prince, Treasurer

Robert Prince is originally from Buffalo, NY and has a Bachelor degree in Business from Canisius College. He specializes in Information Technology Security, Risk and Compliance and is active in the outdoors including hiking, mountain biking, surfing and snow sports.
Robert's goal is to encourage people to get outdoors and enjoy nature by removing obstacles; such as helping the disabled with outdoor sports, ensuring safety for our forest visitors and increasing the accessibility to trails for all. By getting more people outdoors, they will hopefully treat nature with respect and appreciation which will in turn lead to treating others, and the planet, with respect and appreciation.
To support these goals, Robert is an active member Snow Summit Ski Patrol and supports volunteer efforts for CAF, US ARC, Nature Conservancy along with local Big Bear outdoor events. Robert's motto is "Creating a better world, one trail at a time."

Craig Antes

Craig Antes is the owner of Bear City Glass and has been a resident of Big Bear since 1972. He has been addicted to cycling since he struggled to keep up with his now wife, Jeannie on rides around the lake. His mountain bike racing career begin in the early Rockhopper South days in the mid-80’s. Although he no longer races, Craig enjoys mountain and road cycling, hiking, skiing and traveling with friends and family.

Michael Mursick

Driz Cook

Driz hails from Colorado, and after living in other outdoor type towns like Boulder, Durango, and Moab, he found himself in the mecca for the next generation…Big Bear! He has successfully survived in the field of outdoor education for the last 20 years and now works at High Trails, a local outdoor science school. When not attempting to teach himself to be a carpenter, tractor driver, chimney cleaner, trail builder, website person, or accountant, you can find him trying desperately to be both a good father to two wonderful children and a loving husband to the best wife in the world…Dawn.