School Trails Open House Information

The School Trails project had an Open House scheduled for the public on March 17th, 2020. Due to the corona virus situation, the open house was cancelled. Information on this project is now being presented online here, with an opportunity to comment using the CONTACT FORM at the bottom of this web page. BVUSD Education [...]

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Trails Coordinator Update 10/5-11/16

Big Bear Trails Supporter, The Discovery Center, which has been the longtime office space for the So. Cal. Mountains Foundation, is now closed. It is closed well into next year for renovations that will allow the Forest Service to relocate it's offices there permanently. To accommodate this process, all SCMF offices have been temporarily relocated [...]

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Trails Coordinator Update 10/2-10/5

Big Bear Trails Supporter, Quick update- Tom Spiegel of Team Big Bear held his second Big Bear Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Dinner on Wednesday, October 2, at Nottingham's. Stellar evening with all in attendance, as Larry Longo, the Cook Family (Driz, Dawn, Aaron, Maddy) and the late Dick Kun were inducted into the Hall [...]

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Trails Coordinator Update – September 2019

Big Bear Trails Supporter, Good things have happened since the last update. Here’s a quick snapshot- The Santa Ana River Trail suffered catastrophic damage last winter at 4 critical areas that caused the USFS to officially close a large portion of the trail. On September 21, a group of volunteers organized and lead by Driz [...]

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Trail Work on PCT This Saturday 9/28

Big Bear Trails Supporter, Celebrate National Public Lands Day and join the greater trails community as we take to the Pacific Crest Trail this Saturday, 9/28. We will be meeting at this location at 8:30am and heading east towards Highway 18. Work will stop after a few hours of work. This section of the PCT is [...]

Trail Work on PCT This Saturday 9/282019-09-27T14:16:33-07:00

Save SART… This Saturday!

Big Bear Trails Supporter, Help save SART this Saturday. Thank you all for your support! Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Bennett Rossell Non-Motorized Trails Coordinator Southern California Mountains Foundation

Save SART… This Saturday!2019-09-27T14:45:27-07:00

Save SART! Saturday September 21st

Save SART! The Santa Ana River Trail Saturday September 21st The upper Santa Ana River Trail, from South Fork Campground down to Glass Road, was slammed by the 2019 Valentines Day Storm. Massive amounts of rain wiped out sections of trail.   Join us to repair this epic trail! Meet at South Fork Trail Head Upper [...]

Save SART! Saturday September 21st2019-09-14T09:47:16-07:00

Trails Fundraiser Dinner: Big Bear Mountain Bike Legends Chainring of Honor Induction

BIG BEAR MOUNTAIN BIKE LEGENDS CHAINRING OF HONOR INDUCTION Wednesday October 2, 2019 5:30 p.m. Nottinghams The Big Bear Mountain Bike Legends are happy to announce the 2019 Chainring of Honor Inductees. The 2019 Inductees are Dick Kun, Larry Longo, and the Cook Family; Driz, Dawn, Aaron, and Madeleine (Maddy). Dick Kun played an instrumental [...]

Trails Fundraiser Dinner: Big Bear Mountain Bike Legends Chainring of Honor Induction2019-09-27T14:30:54-07:00

Trails Coordinator Update 8/21-8/30

Big Bear Trails Supporter, What’s gone down since the last update: Last Saturday Trail Hosts and community members trimmed back overgrown vegetation on the Pacific Crest Trail, in a northeast direction from Bertha Peak road. It was basic but much needed work. As you know, 9 new trailhead signs have been delivered to [...]

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On the Trail

Community planning requires patience, but in the long run it pays off and can be very rewarding. Twelve years ago I attended a meeting chaired by Phil Hamilton to discuss future trails throughout Big Bear Valley. The group was formed as an ad hoc committee of the Big Bear Valley Recreation [...]

On the Trail2019-09-27T14:14:11-07:00

On the Trail with the Southern California Mountains Foundation

Summer fun has started at Snow Summit. We are currently in our early season operations (Friday through Sunday), Closed Monday through Thursday. Starting Friday, June 14, Snow Summit is open for daily operations through Labor Day Monday. Currently we have Going Green, Small Wonder, Turtle Trail, Westridge, Party Wave and Miracle Mile [...]

On the Trail with the Southern California Mountains Foundation2019-09-27T14:00:48-07:00

Keep it nonmotorized on nonmotorized trails

Technology seems to be disrupting nearly every aspect of our lives these days. I’m barely old enough to remember that finding information and answers meant physically finding the right book or person. Today, I can remain draped over the couch and speak to a phone that does the all that for me remarkably well. Similarly, [...]

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On the Trail By Bennett Rossell

We are having a stellar winter season here in Big Bear. The lake is filling up and businesses are seeing good numbers. Folks are experiencing the very best Big Bear has to offer in the winter wonderland that is our National Forest. These are good times, for sure. They do [...]

On the Trail By Bennett Rossell2019-09-27T14:03:36-07:00

On the trail with Bennett Rossell

Some time ago the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation submitted a New Trails Plan that proposed around 100 miles of new trails be introduced to the Forest Service trail system in the Valley. This would address the trail deficit in the Valley, meaning the current system isn’t meeting the needs of the people — and [...]

On the trail with Bennett Rossell2019-09-27T13:29:30-07:00

On the trail with Bennett Rossell

Winter takes many different forms here in Big Bear. Some winters we get dumped on and the stoke can be felt in the neighborhoods. Other winters are bone dry, and the lines at the post office become one continuous no-snow winter support group. Nevertheless, we’re fortunate to have and experience four [...]

On the trail with Bennett Rossell2019-09-27T14:04:24-07:00

United for Trails

Years back a few locals found the Seven Oaks trail in a state of disrepair. It was on Forest Service maps but far from useable. Hellbent, they took matters into their own hands and approached the Forest Service to see how it could be reopened. The Forest Service said that [...]

United for Trails2019-09-27T14:05:41-07:00

A new, sustainable Cougar Crest Trail

Like most things we use often and want to keep around, trails in our San Bernardino National Forest require routine maintenance. When left alone, nature takes its course and they can become dilapidated. When used often by humans, trails are susceptible to a multitude of problems like litter, shirt-cutting and soil displacement. When you combine [...]

A new, sustainable Cougar Crest Trail2019-09-27T13:58:45-07:00

Mergers in the Mountains

Mergers in the Mountains! After a heck of a lot of spirited debate, the Board of the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation has voted to officially become a program of the Southern California Mountains Foundation. We have always worked closely with the SCMF, and the last couple of years have seen non-stop super-close partnership and [...]

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Local Race Promoter Organizes Fundraiser for Big Bear Trails

Press Release: Local Race Promoter Organizes Fundraiser for Big Bear Trails Big Bear Lake, California. Back on July 30th, 2017, the first Mountaintop Trail Rally was held to raise funds specifically for non-motorized recreational trails in the Big Bear Valley. Local Race Promoter Team Big Bear, owned and led by Mountain Bike Hall of Famer [...]

Local Race Promoter Organizes Fundraiser for Big Bear Trails2017-08-23T05:38:11-07:00

Trail Tales: Newsletter Summer 2017

As I approach my first anniversary as Big Bear’s Non-Motorized Trails Coordinator, I want to- share that I have been truly amazed and humbled by the amount of participation, in all forms and capacities, of all those who have engaged themselves in helping to improve and shape Big Bear’s trail system. We have such a [...]

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Happy Hills Trail Ribbon Cutting

HAPPY HILLS TRAIL GRAND OPENING The public is invited to attend the ribbon cutting event for the new Happy Hills Trail on June 2, 2017, from 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. The ribbon cutting will be at the Happy Hills trail head, located at Big Bear Lake City Hall; 39797 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear [...]

Happy Hills Trail Ribbon Cutting2017-05-31T16:55:50-07:00

Trails Plan Open House Letter and Information 3-22-2017

Hello All; Thank you SO MUCH for showing up to our Trails Plan Open House last night at the Discovery Center. When people show up to these meetings it sends a tremendously strong message to the Forest Service that we care and are involved in the management of our public lands. Honestly, we weren't expecting [...]

Trails Plan Open House Letter and Information 3-22-20172017-03-23T08:46:26-07:00

New Trails Plan Open House 3/22, 4/26 from 4:30-5:30pm at the Discovery Center

Working together with the Southern California Mountains Foundation, we here at the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation have been working hard for the last couple of years towards presenting to the Forest Service a proposal for New Trails in our area. This plan addresses the many user-created trails in our area, allows for connector trails, [...]

New Trails Plan Open House 3/22, 4/26 from 4:30-5:30pm at the Discovery Center2017-03-16T06:01:50-07:00

2016 Year End Review

The US Forest Service bases their budgets on fiscal years which run October through September of each year. We base our hours and accomplishments on this time frame as well, as our work aids them in getting more support, fund, and grants to further the trail cause. With that, here's what happened over the 2016 [...]

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2017 Meetings

4th Wednesday of the Month, 5:30pm. Here’s the schedule for Trails meetings, held at the Discovery Center on North Shore Drive in Big Bear Lake, CA. Attending each month are Board Members and Advisors. We wholeheartedly welcome other members of the public; please give us a bit of advance notice so we can add you [...]

2017 Meetings2017-01-14T15:37:47-08:00

Meetings for 2017

4th Wednesday of the Month, 5:30pm. Here’s the schedule for Trails meetings, held at the Discovery Center on North Shore Drive in Big Bear Lake, CA.  Attending each month are Board Members and Advisors. We wholeheartedly welcome other members of the public; please give us a bit of advance notice so we can add you [...]

Meetings for 20172017-01-14T15:39:52-08:00

What YOU can do right now for Trails.

Check out this graphic to understand what is going on with Forest Service funds. Then do something to help your trails.  Here are some options: Share your voice: Trails Meeting at Big Bear Discovery Center, This Monday 9/19, 5:30pm. Share your money: donate and get a sticker, hat or t-shirt. They are cool looking and [...]

What YOU can do right now for Trails.2016-09-17T07:06:02-07:00

Jon Sacks, Sales Rep, Does Good and Supports Trails!

Jon, who is a sales rep for Kali Protectives, Ryders Eyewear, and KHS Bicycles, recently came to Big Bear and brought us a nice big check to offically adopt the Bluff Mesa Trail! This money goes directly into the Trails Foundation coffers to further support the cause of More and Better Maintained Trails in the [...]

Jon Sacks, Sales Rep, Does Good and Supports Trails!2016-08-16T18:12:46-07:00

Trails Coordinator Hired, Meeting Moved to September

We've officially hired an outstanding candidate for our Trails Coordinator position. They will be starting later this month, and because of this, we're going to move our normal August meeting back to September. This will give us a chance to meet and greet properly, and let our candidate get a bit acclimated before we overwhelm [...]

Trails Coordinator Hired, Meeting Moved to September2016-08-10T06:46:25-07:00

Trails Coordinator JOB in Big Bear

Officially announced 6/4/2016, this position is supported by the Southern California Mountains Foundation, the City of Big Bear Lake, the County of San Bernardino, Big Bear Mountain Resorts, the United States Forest Service, and the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation. The position is year round, with benefits, and will pay from $50-$55k a year. The [...]

Trails Coordinator JOB in Big Bear2016-06-10T20:04:57-07:00

National Trails Day June 4th EVENT

Volunteers Needed to Get Outdoors: National Trails Day; June 4, 2016 RSVP HERE Since 1993, National Trails Day, sponsored by American Hiking Society, has grown to inspire many thousands of people nationwide to celebrate and give back to the trails they love on one dedicated day.  America's 200,000 miles of trails allow access to our [...]

National Trails Day June 4th EVENT2016-05-17T07:09:33-07:00

3 Newsworthy Items on Big Bear Trails and 1 bit of Commentary

National Trails Day Saturday June 4th. Big trail work day from 1-5pm, big BBQ, raffle, celebration afterward. We're using Snow Summit lower party area as our base. And the trail we are working on is… Fall Line Construction Begins in May. Working with the Southern California Mountains Foundation Crews, the USFS, the Trails Foundation, and [...]

3 Newsworthy Items on Big Bear Trails and 1 bit of Commentary2016-05-15T16:46:00-07:00

Paid Trail Positions in Tourist Towns

We're pushing for the City of Big Bear Lake, Mammoth Mountain Resorts, the Southern California Mountains Foundation, the United States Forest Service, and the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation to all come together to support our recreational trails. In an effort to convince folks that this is something worth paying for, we had some research [...]

Paid Trail Positions in Tourist Towns2016-11-13T07:33:00-08:00

Trail Work – Santa Ana River Trail Glass to Middle Control

Oh my goodness trees. 12 trees over the trail on the ever-popular Santa Ana River Trail, Glass Road to Middle Control Road Section. Tod Lusher and Mike Crowell, proud adoptees of this trail section, showed up fresh on a supposedly rainy Sunday April 10th and finished an exhausted 15 volunteer hours later. This is what [...]

Trail Work – Santa Ana River Trail Glass to Middle Control2016-04-11T14:56:18-07:00

The Skinny on Chainsaws and a Certification Class

Yesterday Gavin, Calvin, Matt, and I (Driz) went out on the Santa Anna River Trail, South Fork to Glass Road Section. Mission was two fold; cut downed trees and scout a spur for Matt's Adopt-A-Trail group coming up on April 9th. The heavy winter snows knocked down many trees, so we removed 6 trees from [...]

The Skinny on Chainsaws and a Certification Class2016-03-28T11:11:39-07:00

2016 Meeting Dates

Here's the schedule for 2016 Trails meetings, held at the Discovery Center on North Shore Drive in Big Bear Lake, CA. Attending each month are Board Members and Advisors. We wholeheartedly welcome other members of the public; please give us a bit of advance notice so we can add you to the agenda. Contact us [...]

2016 Meeting Dates2015-12-10T09:28:52-08:00

Get Involved: Trail Leadership Meeting October 19th, 6pm Discovery Center

We're getting down to the wire here in 2015 and it's important to make some solid plans for the future of the Trails Foundation here in Big Bear. Here's what we're looking at discussing this next Monday, October 19th at 6pm: FUTURE STRUCTURE Board Officers: a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer committed to attending [...]

Get Involved: Trail Leadership Meeting October 19th, 6pm Discovery Center2015-10-13T10:55:20-07:00

Adopt-A-Trail Action Part 2

From 5/1/5015 through 9/6/2015: 540 hours of volunteer labor put into trails around Big Bear through our Adopt A Trail program. And NONE of this is Administrative or Office work. All dirt, all on your trails, through the work of YOU!!! From big groups to small collections of friends, it takes all kinds to care [...]

Adopt-A-Trail Action Part 22015-09-06T09:20:55-07:00

Adopt-A-Trail Action Part 1

So far so good with our Adopt-A-Trail program; we have 20 sections of trail adopted as of the beginning of August, 2015. From big groups to small collections of friends, it takes all kinds to care for our trails. See the complete list of trails and people, as well as information on how you can [...]

Adopt-A-Trail Action Part 12015-08-06T10:39:12-07:00

Lake Fire Information on Trails

Beginning on June 17th, 2015, the Lake Fire burned parts of the San Bernardino National Forest, the San Gorgonio Wilderness, BLM land, and private land tracts in Southern California. Source documents can be found here. A good overview of the after burn situation can be found here, in the Burned Area Emergency Response Assessment (BAER) [...]

Lake Fire Information on Trails2016-11-13T07:33:16-08:00

Field Assessment Data Collection

Currently available GIS Information includes all known routes in the forest, both system and non-system. Using this information as a basis, all non-system routes will be field verified and data will be collected. If additional routes are discovered, they will be walked and collected for insertion into GIS data set. Primary Objective: collect data on [...]

Field Assessment Data Collection2016-11-13T07:33:33-08:00

Trail Work 2015

  The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation invites you to come wield a rake, mccleod, pulaski or shovel and get a bit dirty doing some good on the trails. 2015 Schedule Trail Work on Siberia Creek: May 16th. Big trails, big views, big commitment. This will be a full day of hiking down to our [...]

Trail Work 20152015-05-22T15:28:18-07:00

Trails Update: Heading into Summer 2015

Most of the trail time this year has been spent exploring potential new trails and pouring over trail laws and regulations. Here we go... Big Bear Non-Motorized Recreational Trail Network Plan Big push right now is a long term trail network that connects all of the Big Bear Valley. This plan will utilize existing system [...]

Trails Update: Heading into Summer 20152015-04-21T06:09:28-07:00

Can Erosion and Illegal Trails Get Along?

By Caroline Blake At the University of Vermont (UVM), I remember not wanting to walk on the concrete sidewalk between the Student Center and the Library because it was not convenient. Instead, I joined thousands of other students who took the shortcut straight across the grass of the University Green. In time our beautiful green [...]

Can Erosion and Illegal Trails Get Along?2016-11-14T08:05:51-08:00

Newsletter: The Plan for 2015

Right now most of the activity is office based, planning out projects, talking to people, and getting organized. Soon, though, there will be action. Here's what's on tap for 2015: Big Bear Non-Motorized Recreational Trail Network Plan We've had a good amount of trail building happen over the last several years, and while it's exciting, [...]

Newsletter: The Plan for 20152015-07-31T17:28:13-07:00

15 Miles of Skyline Complete. Whew.

September 27th saw our final volunteer push to open up the last bit of the Skyline Trail. We all worked for 3 hours, and then just about 50 people witnessed as Gary Keller (BBVTF) and Jeanette Granger (USFS) cut the dual ribbons, marking 2 years and countless hours of work to get this wonderful trail [...]

15 Miles of Skyline Complete. Whew.2014-10-13T17:37:53-07:00

Final Build Days on Skyline Trail

After more than 2 years of work, we're within sight of finally finishing the Skyline Trail! Please come join us and help finish off this trail: September 10: Evening session 5-6:30pm September 13: Morning session 9am-noon September 24: Evening session 5-6:30pm September 27: Morning session 9am-noon. These are your last chances to be involved in [...]

Final Build Days on Skyline Trail2014-09-23T05:24:29-07:00

Big Bear sends delegates to IMBA World Summit

In the mountain biking world, the International Mountain Bicycling Association, or IMBA, is a big deal. They create, enhance, and preserve great mountain bike experiences on a national and international level. With 50 full time employees and more than 35,000 members, they are the largest and most influential mountain bike advocacy group in the world. [...]

Big Bear sends delegates to IMBA World Summit2014-09-02T07:00:15-07:00

July Newsletter

First off, North Skyline is just about open and ridable. Secondly, we've got "You Are Here" trail maps up all over the South Shore area. Thirdly, we're starting to figure out the potentials for a new trail up the western side of Sugarloaf Peak...Sugarlump Ridge. Before we go into details, though, we need your help [...]

July Newsletter2014-07-02T22:08:13-07:00

1st Six Months of 2014 Trail Work

To date in 2014, the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation has invested 250 hours of volunteer labor into the trails of Big Bear. This does not include any of our administrative time, meetings, or National Trails Day (which was a huge chunk all by itself). We're getting there. If you haven't joined us yet this [...]

1st Six Months of 2014 Trail Work2014-06-25T07:45:58-07:00

Skyline Status 6/15/2014

Two new miles of singletrack have officially been added to Big Bear's South Shore trail system. Eastern Skyline, dubbed the Plumber's Section because of an older non-system trail originally in the vicinity, offers a connection between Upper Skyline and Fern Trail that keeps you off Forest Road 2N10. Right now the trail is rough, with [...]

Skyline Status 6/15/20142014-06-15T16:41:36-07:00

National Trails Day Event June 7th

Celebrate National Trails Day by volunteering to help develop trails in Big Bear! Build new sections of the Skyline Trail in the morning, enjoy a complimentary lunch, and then join us on an afternoon guided mountain bike ride. Participating volunteers will receive a free scenic sky chair access pass which can be redeemed the day [...]

National Trails Day Event June 7th2014-06-04T07:33:25-07:00

Trail Reports and Repair 2014

It's time to clean up our trails after the winter season. We need your help! Step One: Report Trees down, sections washed out, overgrowth areas. Emergency repairs needed get trails back in usable condition. From the PCT to Skyline, we need to know what you're seeing out there that needs help. Step Two: Repair We'll [...]

Trail Reports and Repair 20142014-03-23T11:31:52-07:00

Winter 2014 Trails Update

Here's what's happening with the trails right now in Big Bear: Weather: very little snow. Trails that are normally covered in 3 feet of snow have been open all winter. While we're enjoying biking at 8,000 feet on Skyline in January, the joy is tempered a bit by the realization that we'll probably somehow have [...]

Winter 2014 Trails Update2015-01-04T14:38:13-08:00

Get Involved in 2014: Our Projects

Monday, November 11th, 2013 brought a whole slew of excited people to the upstairs of the Captain's Anchorage, where we talked shop about trails in Big Bear. As we move forward into 2014 and a brand new year for the Trails Foundation, here's what's on our plate: 2014 Projects NEW TRAILS Obtain approvals for Sugarloaf [...]

Get Involved in 2014: Our Projects2014-02-10T06:15:06-08:00

Skyline Update 11/17/2013

Here's the official update  on Skyline Trail, as of 11/17/2013: The Trails Foundation rented a mini-excavator for a week and rough cut 8/10 of a mile of fresh trail. Similar to the process on Upper Skyline, this machine rough cut still needs a good amount of hand work and compaction to be ready for use. [...]

Skyline Update 11/17/20132013-11-17T09:39:25-08:00

Carving a New Trail into History

“Do you know what this is?” asked Driz Cook, as he held up in his hand something that looked like the axe Jack Nicholson wielded in The Shining. Standing in the parking lot of a campground in the hills above Big Bear Lake in late July, my friend Vince and I confessed we had no [...]

Carving a New Trail into History2013-08-26T08:04:28-07:00

South Shore Signs Installation Update

Part of our South Shore project is getting good signage for all the trails on the South Shore. Last fall we recruited some local advocates and got them started. The first results are here: "I just wanted to give everyone an quick update on the signs project. Team Big Bear, Bike for Bender and the [...]

South Shore Signs Installation Update2013-07-02T14:58:18-07:00

Annual Fundraiser and Thanks List

The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation says a big thanks to all the local businesses who donated items for our various auctions at our annual fundraiser Pizza and Pizzazz. We raised about $4,000.00 and without your support we could not have done it. As you make decisions about where to spend your money we urge [...]

Annual Fundraiser and Thanks List2013-06-10T07:29:23-07:00

Mechanized Build has Begun

Hans and Jorge, master operators from Bellfree Construction, are back up on the Skyline Trail working on the section from Snow Point out to Grandview Point. We're optimistic that by the end of May, there will be another large chunk of Skyline ready to a)finish by hand tool and then b)enjoy. Check out the pictures, [...]

Mechanized Build has Begun2013-05-06T18:01:50-07:00

Bikes Need Kids Too! Rob Carpenter

Dear Everybody, I hope this email finds you well as some of you I have not seen in a long time. Most of you know of my passion for cycling. I have recently become involved with Big Bear Cycling, Big Bear Trails Foundation, and the stakeholder advisory committee for a Valley Wide Pedestrian, Equestrian, Bicycle [...]

Bikes Need Kids Too! Rob Carpenter2014-03-08T08:28:36-08:00

Bikers Be Respectful…Please!

Hey Mountain Bikers! As the weather turns from good to great, and the trail beckons, please remember two big laws that we need to heed: No bikes on the Pacific Crest Trail No bikes in Wilderness Areas Take heart that there are tons of other fantastic trails in which to take your favorite metal steed, [...]

Bikers Be Respectful…Please!2013-04-02T07:01:21-07:00

Long Beach? Yes, Long Beach.

A team from Big Bear visited Long Beach and rode through their city to observe the interesting work they have done to make Long Beach a truly bike friendly city. The purpose of the visit was to see first hand the work they have done and see how some of those ideas might work in [...]

Long Beach? Yes, Long Beach.2014-03-08T08:28:53-08:00

Summer Job in Big Bear!

Summer Trails Coordinator Job OVERVIEW: The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation, located in Big Bear Lake, CA, is looking for a summer worker to assist in trail construction, volunteer management, and community relations. We need someone who can leverage their skill and love of the outdoors to help us craft Big Bear into a non-motorized [...]

Summer Job in Big Bear!2014-03-08T08:29:05-08:00

South Shore Next Steps 2/19/2013

The Trails Foundation had its monthly board meeting last night, and we went over the general progression of steps for this next spring and summer in regards to South Shore and Skyline. Here are the next steps: General Information: if you haven't already, make sure you've read all of the information on this page. Talk [...]

South Shore Next Steps 2/19/20132014-03-08T08:29:13-08:00

South Shore Information

We're on the way to finalizing the next steps for the South Shore Trail Network, so all of our data is trying to make its way to a central location. If you're curious, here's what we have: 1. Skyline Decision Memo: this is the signed agreement with the Forest Service that details what Skyline is [...]

South Shore Information2014-03-08T08:29:18-08:00

Skyline South Shore Update

Finally. A bit of snow. While that's welcome precipitation for the local Big Bear economy, it's also a welcome relief for the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation. Snow means a brief respite from the large amounts of work that have been taking place up on Skyline and the South Shore Trail System. This winter season [...]

Skyline South Shore Update2015-01-04T14:38:45-08:00

Skyline Build Day: 12/9/2012

Last Build Day of 2012 - Come help us build the next section of the Skyline Trail! Weather permitting, this will be the last build day of 2012, and your chance to both see what our mechanized builders have done and put the finishing touches on their work. Build now and boast were part [...]

Skyline Build Day: 12/9/20122015-01-04T14:40:54-08:00

Skyline In November

Mechanized Building is Underway! We've now got 4 days of building Skyline with Bellfree under our belts. Despite the snow and super cold temperatures from last weekend they were up here getting started, and now that things are melting it's going even faster. Check out this video, and then get ready for the final 2012 [...]

Skyline In November2015-01-04T14:39:13-08:00

Skyline Build Details

We had seven builders from the Professional Trail Builders Association respond to our bid request for the Skyline Trail. After putting everything into a confusing spreadsheet, talking to references, and confirming with board members, Hans at Bellfree Contractors was asked to come up and  help us build a flowy, sinewy, undulating and fun trail for [...]

Skyline Build Details2015-01-04T14:39:45-08:00

Getting Bids on Building Skyline

While we're off to a great start in building the Skyline Trail, the miles are going to pile up and eventually the volunteers will get tired. This is when the machines come into the picture. In an ideal world we would have professional skilled machine operators bring their dozers in and rough cut a trail, [...]

Getting Bids on Building Skyline2015-01-04T14:40:06-08:00

Skyline Build Day: 10/21/2012

Come help us build the next section of the Skyline Trail! Have fun in the forest with great people while making a difference in the world. What else could you want? No experience necessary. Check out this video if you need more convincing. RSVP's are required.     When: Sunday, October 21, 2012t. Crews start [...]

Skyline Build Day: 10/21/20122015-01-04T14:44:00-08:00

US Forest Service Meeting 10/5/2012

Meeting between US Forest Service and Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation Present: US Forest Service District Ranger Scott Tangenberg, Trails Foundation Board Members Phil Hamilton and Driz Cook. Skyline Trail Build Days Sequence: Step 1: Trails Foundation pin flags a section of trail. Step 2: Forest Service walks the pin flagged section of trail and [...]

US Forest Service Meeting 10/5/20122014-03-08T08:30:47-08:00

Skyline Trail 9/23/2012 RSVP HERE!

Despite the massive rain we've had in Big Bear over the last month, we've been in a drought; a trail building drought. The skies are opening up finally, and Sunday September 23rd will bring down the first official shovels as we hit the ground up on Skyline Corner. Come join us as we work on [...]

Skyline Trail 9/23/2012 RSVP HERE!2015-01-04T14:48:24-08:00

Local Users Advise the Trails Foundation

On Tuesday, September 11th the Trails Foundation and special guests took over the upstairs of Captain's Anchorage. Dinner, drinks, and the promise of Big Bear trail news brought together a key group of influential local trail users. Our goal: listen to their feedback and get them involved in the challenging trail based projects headed towards [...]

Local Users Advise the Trails Foundation2015-01-04T14:48:15-08:00

Summer 2012 Newsletter

As the summer of 2012 closes down on us, here’s a summary of trail related news for the Big Bear Valley. JUNE Economics of Big Bear Trails The Trails Foundation hosted a presentation about the economic benefits of trails by IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) Southwest Region Director Patrick Kell. Bottom line: trails generate revenue, [...]

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Allan’s Trail: Build Singletrack!!!

Despite working 40 hours a week as a GIS programmer, Allan Laframboise spends his spare time wisely. He has been building singletrack trails with the Boy Scouts out near Jenks Lake, talking with the city of Loma Linda about signing the trails at Hulga Crooks Park, supporting the non-profit group, and racing his 29" [...]

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Gianna and Jonathan’s Trail

You just might see Gianna and Jonathan cruising around town on a bright yellow tandem mountain bike, Jonathan's red hair leading back to Gianna's giant smile. Their bike is used not only for  recreation, but for transportation and errands. It's nice living in a town where you can ride much of the year if you [...]

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Gary, Chain Saw Master

This once proud tree, which came off second best in a high wind, had completely blocked the popular Grout Bay trail. No problem for Gary and his chainsaw. We were there early Saturday, knocked the job out and were home drinking coffee by 9:30am and the trail is open once again for all the diverse users to enjoy! Good [...]

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New Big Bear Trail and Mountain Bike Documentary Event

Foundation kicks off new trail & premieres documentary The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation will celebrate the kickoff of construction on the Skyline Trail and premiere the award-winning documentary Pedal-Driven on Saturday, June 2, 2012. Skyline Trail, the first new trail in the Big Bear Lake area in almost 2 decades, is a 15 mile [...]

New Big Bear Trail and Mountain Bike Documentary Event2014-03-08T08:33:14-08:00

Pizza & Pizzazz POPS!

Thank You! Pizza and Pizzazz was a smashing success as over 150 people turned out to support the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation Fund Raiser. We need to thank a number of businesses and individuals for their wonderful support. First, thanks to all who joined us for a great evening of food, music and friendship. [...]

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