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Big Bear Grizzly Weekender columns.

On the Trail

Community planning requires patience, but in the long run it pays off and can be very rewarding. Twelve years ago I attended a meeting chaired by Phil Hamilton to discuss future trails throughout Big Bear Valley. The group was formed as an ad hoc committee of the Big Bear Valley Recreation [...]

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On the Trail with the Southern California Mountains Foundation

Summer fun has started at Snow Summit. We are currently in our early season operations (Friday through Sunday), Closed Monday through Thursday. Starting Friday, June 14, Snow Summit is open for daily operations through Labor Day Monday. Currently we have Going Green, Small Wonder, Turtle Trail, Westridge, Party Wave and Miracle Mile [...]

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Keep it nonmotorized on nonmotorized trails

Technology seems to be disrupting nearly every aspect of our lives these days. I’m barely old enough to remember that finding information and answers meant physically finding the right book or person. Today, I can remain draped over the couch and speak to a phone that does the all that for me remarkably well. Similarly, [...]

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On the Trail By Bennett Rossell

We are having a stellar winter season here in Big Bear. The lake is filling up and businesses are seeing good numbers. Folks are experiencing the very best Big Bear has to offer in the winter wonderland that is our National Forest. These are good times, for sure. They do [...]

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On the trail with Bennett Rossell

Some time ago the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation submitted a New Trails Plan that proposed around 100 miles of new trails be introduced to the Forest Service trail system in the Valley. This would address the trail deficit in the Valley, meaning the current system isn’t meeting the needs of the people — and [...]

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On the trail with Bennett Rossell

Winter takes many different forms here in Big Bear. Some winters we get dumped on and the stoke can be felt in the neighborhoods. Other winters are bone dry, and the lines at the post office become one continuous no-snow winter support group. Nevertheless, we’re fortunate to have and experience four [...]

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United for Trails

Years back a few locals found the Seven Oaks trail in a state of disrepair. It was on Forest Service maps but far from useable. Hellbent, they took matters into their own hands and approached the Forest Service to see how it could be reopened. The Forest Service said that [...]

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A new, sustainable Cougar Crest Trail

Like most things we use often and want to keep around, trails in our San Bernardino National Forest require routine maintenance. When left alone, nature takes its course and they can become dilapidated. When used often by humans, trails are susceptible to a multitude of problems like litter, shirt-cutting and soil displacement. When you combine [...]

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