Trail Name: Cougar Crest
Forest Service Designation: 1E22
Total Distance: 2.3 miles one way
Overview: Popular trail with views of Big Bear Lake.
Difficulty: Easy to moderate.
Activities: Hiking, biking. Please avoid conflict and don’t bike this during high use times.
Trail Type: 100% singletrack.
Description: This popular trail is a “must do” in all four seasons and a fantastic wilderness excursion right off the highway. You’ll walk through stands of large Ponderosa Pines and ancient towering Juniper Trees as the trail heads into the mountains, and then opens up with expansive views of Big Bear Lake. At the top you’ll hit the Pacific Crest Trail, where you can look either direction and see Mexico or Canada. Take a break and head back down.

Possible Loops / Variations: Once at the top, hit the Pacific Crest Trail and head off in either direction for more singletrack hiking (remember; no bikes on the PCT). You can also reach the top of Bertha Peak from here. Turn around and head back down the trail when you’ve had enough.

Trailhead and Parking: Park at the Cougar Crest Trailhead located on Highway 38 on north shore of Big Bear Lake.

Trail Etiquette: Always be courteous to other trail users. All users yield to equestrians, with cyclists also yielding to hikers. Travel only at safe speeds, and stay on designated trails to protect our fragile mountain environment.

For Your Safety: Notify someone of your planned route and estimated time of return. Outdoor activities can be dangerous; use caution at all times and be prepared with water, food, and adequate equipment and knowledge. The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation provides this description as a courtesy, and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information. You accept all responsibility for your outdoor activities.