While we’re off to a great start in building the Skyline Trail, the miles are going to pile up and eventually the volunteers will get tired. This is when the machines come into the picture.

In an ideal world we would have professional skilled machine operators bring their dozers in and rough cut a trail, and then our volunteer hand crews would step in and create the finished product. This looks to be the best combination of getting a trail soon with the funds we have available. First, though, we’ve got to find a trail builder.

Here’s our Skyline Bid Sheet; so far we’re in talks with Bellfree Contractors and Trailscape, both members of the Professional Trail Builders Association. Our goal is to decide on a contractor by October 22nd, and then we can make a good plan for how our volunteer hand crews (you and me!) and our professional trail builders will work together to design and craft a really…fun…trail.

If you have ideas, thoughts, or opinons on trail building contractors, please let us know.