Thanks to her tireless tenacity and dedication to non-motorized transportation and recreation in the Big Bear Valley, The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation was pleased to honor Siri Eggebraten with its first-ever Golden Pulaski Award.

As Foundation President Phil Hamilton said when he addressed the City Council at their August 22nd meeting, “I am sure there were a number of City employees who were involved in working on the CalTrans grant, but from the perspective of the Foundation the person who really made it happen was Siri. When we did not get the grant last year, rather than getting angry or frustrated she studies the grant that was unsuccesful, met with CalTrans to learn what was needed, and rewrote it for this year. This is truly a hard working and professional woman and the Trails Foundation felt it was only appropriate to honor her in front of City Council.”

The inscription on the Golden Pulaski handle reads, “Golden Pulaski Award for a special commitment to creating, enhancing, preserving and promoting non-motorized use of Big Bear Valley trails and roadways, is presented on 8/22/11 to Siri Eggebraten.” On behalf of the Trails Foundation, thank you, Siri, for all that you continue to do to make our Valley a special place to live and visit.