Trail Name: Heartbreak Ridge and Rattlesnake Canyon
Forest Service Designation:  2N61Y, 2N02, 2N70Y, 2N01
Total Distance: 6.9 miles
Overview: Seldom visited 4×4 roads through the desert east of Big Bear.
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult.
Activities: Hiking, Horses, and Bikes.
Trail Type: Dirt road.
Description: Start on the rocky and steep Heartbreak Ridge 4×4 Trail, 2N61Y, where you may see jeeps navigating the course. This takes you through several washes and ridges filled with joshua trees, granite boulders, and great views. Pass the “Pontiac Sluice” spur on your  right at about 2 miles and explore as you like. Hit 2N02, the main road to Pioneertown and Yucca Valley, at 3.5 miles and head left, back up the steep hill. At 4 miles head left down the signed Rattlesnake Canyon short bypass and parallel 2N02, through the wash and boulders, until you come back out on 2N02 at mile 5.25. Continue up the steep dirt road until it flattens out and opens up into Lone Valley. Turn left on 2N01 at mile 6.5 and make it back to your starting point.
Possible Loops / Variations:
On a bike you can make it an all day affair and ride through Baldwin Lake and 2N02, hit Heartbreak Ridge and Rattlesnake Canyon, and then come out near Onyx Summit on 2N01. This loop will put you at upwards of 40 miles, so be ready.
Trailhead and Parking: Follow the above map and drive out on dirt roads to the start of route. These access roads are passable by high clearance vehicles. Park in a sensible location off the dirt road.