Trail Name: Holcomb Valley Tour
Forest Service Designation: Multiple roads and trails.
Total Distance: 20 mile loop.
Overview: Long dirt road loop with views of Big Bear Lake and Holcomb Valley.
Difficulty: On a bike, the technical difficulty is moderate. Several hill climbs and the length make this close to advanced.
Activities: Biking
Trail Type: 100% Forest Service dirt road.
Description: This long loop takes you through the back roads of Big Bear in a first hand fashion. Start at Polique Canyon and head up 2N09. Make a left onto 2N71, and keep your eye out for the fantastic views of Big Bear Lake and San Gorgonio. You’ll soon find yourself over near YMCA Camp Whittle; make a right onto 3N12 and continue up the steep road to the top, where it crosses over the PCT. Head on down, make a right onto 3N16, and find yourself riding next to the old Hitchcock Ranch and a beautiful meadow. Stay on 3N16 as it turns left right before a long straightaway and continue into the heart of Holcomb Valley. Pass campsites on the left and Van Dusen Canyon on the right and continue along 3N16 until you reach an obvious log cabin interpretive site on the left hand side. Stop for a few minutes and then return the 1/2 mile to Van Dusen Canyon and 3N09. Make a left and ride the bumpy but popular (watch for traffic!) road until it drops you back onto Highway 38. Hang a right and ride with the cars back to your starting point.
Possible Loops / Variations: You can easily break this up into smaller pieces and loops.
Trailhead and Parking: Park at the mouth of Polique Canyon, or any of the main trailheads along the north shore area.
Trail Etiquette: Always be courteous to other trail users. All users yield to equestrians, with cyclists also yielding to hikers. Travel only at safe speeds, and stay on designated trails to protect our fragile mountain environment.
For Your Safety: Notify someone of your planned route and estimated time of return. Outdoor activities can be dangerous; use caution at all times and be prepared with water, food, and adequate equipment and knowledge. The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation provides this description as a courtesy, and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information. You accept all responsibility for your outdoor activities.

If You Go Here: Please tell us about your trip!
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