First off, North Skyline is just about open and ridable.

Secondly, we’ve got “You Are Here” trail maps up all over the South Shore area.

Thirdly, we’re starting to figure out the potentials for a new trail up the western side of Sugarloaf Peak…Sugarlump Ridge.

Before we go into details, though, we need your help to get these trails into great shape. Here are 2 upcoming times to build trail with the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation:

Saturday, July 5th and Saturday, July 19th

When: 9am – 12pm.
Where: We will meet at Aspen Glen Picnic Area and drive 5 minutes up the dirt road 2N10 to the work area.
Provided: trail tools, instruction and leadership, water, snacks.
Needed: clothes that can get dirty, work gloves, a water bottle, hat and sunscreen, big smiles and great attitudes.
To Be Expected: we’ll work in small groups and use shovels, mccleods, pulaskis, rakes and loppers to finish a new section of the Skyline Trail.

Let us know if you’re coming or if you have more questions. You can find complete information here:

Can’t make it but still want to contribute? You can support us financially right here:


One new mile of trail is now open for use. It’s a rough and tumble experience still, and definitely needs rain, traffic, and some hand work (hence the two trail days we have planned.) However, even in it’s rough state, it’s a beautiful stretch of trail that offers big boulders, some views of Big Bear Lake, and a completely different feel than the rest of Skyline. We’re still working with the USFS on finding the final routing back to our goal of forest road 2N17.


Two options present themselves right now; the first has us using the current non-system trail “Secret”. This trail has some challenges in steep slopes, travel through sensitive meadow and riparian areas, and a crossing of Metcalf Creek. Another option is using the Boulder Group Campground Road, part of Plantation Trail, and then building 1200 feet of new trail to meet up with the bottom part of non-system trail “Trick or Treat”. This would require another crossing of 2N10, but it would allow the avoidance of riparian areas and would utilize the old service roads that are now the bottom of Trick or Treat. You can see all of the details and possibilities on the below map (yes, it IS confusing…). Hopefully we’ll have an answer soon from the Forest Service.



In concert with our partners Big Bear Cycling and the USFS, we’re close to having 12 different “You Are Here” signs up all over the South Shore area. While it would be great if all trail users utilized a trail map, we’ve found that way too many people get really turned around up here. We’re trying to make it a little easier for users to have positive experiences on the trails.



One of the most stunning view in the Big Bear Valley comes from a seldom visited, quite possible legal system trail that has fallen into disrepair. We’re trying to pull it all together to give you another way up Sugarloaf Peak. Come learn all about it at



We host this thing, and it raises a good chunk of money for your trails. Want to help? Volunteers get hold of Gary at

Friday – August 1  – 4 to 6pm – we need 6 for set-up.
Saturday – August 2 – 6:30 to 9:30am – we need 3.
9:30 to noon -we need 6.
noon to 3:30pm – we need 6.
3:30 to 5:30pm – we need 9.