Trail Name: Little Bear Peak
Forest Service Designation: 2N84, 2N84A
Total Distance:
Overview: Short and steep trail up to an open, rocky point with views of both Big Bear Lake and Lake Arrowhead.
Difficulty: Moderate.
Activities: Hiking, Horses, and Bikes
Trail Type: Dirt Road.
Description: Start at the rough dirt road 2N84, off the left side of the main road 3N12. Continue up the road for 1/4 mile, and then turn left on 2N84A. Follow this road until you reach a road closed sign (before the Butler Fire, this used to be a 4×4 road that jeeps would drive up quite often). Continue past the sign and follow the steep road. There are quite a few fallen trees covering the trail. At .9 miles you will reach a ridgeline; head left (south) for the prominent peak. Clamber up the last bit to the top of Little Bear Peak at 1.1 miles.
Possible Loops / Variations:
Many. On a bike, you can add this peak into your ride on Hanna Flats and Grays Peak. If you’re hiking part of the Pacific Crest Trail, you can hop off and do this variation. You can also hike the nearby Delamar Peak and then head back to Little Bear Peak. Be mindful of faster vehicular traffic on 3N14 and 3N12.
Trailhead and Parking: Good parking off 3N12 at the beginning of 2N84.