Mergers in the Mountains!

After a heck of a lot of spirited debate, the Board of the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation has voted to officially become a program of the Southern California Mountains Foundation. We have always worked closely with the SCMF, and the last couple of years have seen non-stop super-close partnership and collaboration. The goal is to leverage the government relationships and business infrastructure of the Mountains Foundation, and use it to push forward the agenda of the Trails Foundation. Which is all things trails in Big Bear.

We don’t think you’ll see much difference, other than more things getting done up here. We’re keeping the Trails Foundation brand and the public involvement and oversight. The first meeting of 2018 is a board member goal session on 1/31/18. Stay tuned for another meeting in February where we’ll open it up to everyone else to throw in their thoughts.

If you’re interested in being involved this year with the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation, a program of the Southern California Mountains Foundation, get in touch… We always need good people to help out!