This last Saturday saw 100+ people out in the woods working on the Pine Knot Trail up here in Big Bear for National Trails Day.

Garykeller1Many fantastic things happened during the day, but for me the highlight was to be able to recognize Gary Keller in front of so many people for his good work, and present him with the Golden Pulaski Award.

Garykeller2Gary has been with the Trails Foundation from the beginning and is an incredibly solid, dedicated and nice man. Time and again he’s volunteered his time to work on trails, at events, and as the treasurer for the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation. We would not be where we are now without him….thanks very very much Gary!

Garykeller4Gary will eventually step down from his long held post with the Trails Foundation, and we’re hopeful that the next person to fill his shoes is as wonderfully dedicated as him.