Trail Name: Pacific Crest Trail
Forest Service Designation: PCT 2000
Total Distance: 19.6 miles
Overview: The Pacific Crest Trail is a national scenic trail from Mexico and Canada, over 2,650 miles of trail with approximately 40 miles running through the Big Bear Valley. The trail goes from the north desert entrance of Big Bear out along the north ridge of Bertha Peak and around Delamar Mountain, allowing great views of Big Bear Lake.

The trail ends up winding through the forest north of Fawnskin, where you can see the results of the Butler 2 fire from 2007. The trails offers some alternative entrance points to brea down miles to a shorter day hike. Alternatively connections to the PCT include VanDusen, Polique or Fawnskin via 3N14 to 3N12.

Difficulty: Medium.
Activities: Hiking, Horses. No bikes on the PCT please.
Trail Type: 100% hiking trail. No bicycles allowed.
Description: Open to hikers and equestrians only. No bicycles permitted. 
Possible Loops / Variations:
You can do it all in a day if you have a shuttle, or break it up into several smaller portions. Consider incorporating Gold Mountain, Bertha Peak, or Little Bear Peak into your section hikes.
Trailhead and Parking: Multiple. See map.