Trail Name: Siberia Creek
Forest Service Designation: 1W04
Total Distance: 6.1 miles one way
Overview: rugged and scenic trail that drops down into the Bear Creek drainage and ends at Siberia Creek Group Camp.
Difficulty: advanced. This is a steep and wild trail that has been neglected and ignored for many years. It is in the process of being brought back up to trail standards.
Activities: hiking, biking.
Trail Type: 100% singletrack.

Siberia 1
Description: Siberia Creek is a committing and challenging trail. Start at the Champion Lodgepole Pine trailhead and follow Siberia Creek down a valley, finally opening up onto a steep ridgeside with views of Keller Peak and the Inland Empire. The Gunsight (two large rocks) is reached after about a mile, with spectacular views all around. From here the trail gets tough and steep, and your adventure begins. The next 5 miles are complete with overgrowth and landslides, but the reward is the quiet and peaceful Siberia Creek Group Camp, where you can rest and recoup. When ready, hike back up to the beginning of the trail.
Possible Loops / Variations: Consider hiking up Camp Creek Trail to Highway 18 and Snow Valley, or continue down Camp Creek Trail to the Santa Ana River Valley. Either way you will need to arrange transportation back to the original trailhead.
Trailhead and Parking: Park at the Bluff Mesa or Champion Lodgepole Pine Trailhead.
Trail Etiquette: Always be courteous to other trail users. All users yield to equestrians, with cyclists also yielding to hikers. Travel only at safe speeds, and stay on designated trails to protect our fragile mountain environment.
For Your Safety: Notify someone of your planned route and estimated time of return. Outdoor activities can be dangerous; use caution at all times and be prepared with water, food, and adequate equipment and knowledge. The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation provides this description as a courtesy, and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information. You accept all responsibility for your outdoor activities.