We had seven builders from the Professional Trail Builders Association respond to our bid request for the Skyline Trail. After putting everything into a confusing spreadsheet, talking to references, and confirming with board members, Hans at Bellfree Contractors was asked to come up and  help us build a flowy, sinewy, undulating and fun trail for all kinds of users.

He’s going to ROUGH CUT the trail starting on November 12th, which does two things for us:

1. It saves us money. While we’ve got some funds from grants, it’s going to run out fast with a project this size. Hans could finish the trail for us all by himself, but then we would have a pretty short trail. We’re going to have a longer, better trail for the money because…

2. It gives YOU a chance to help build: the rough cut will need final touches; we estimate that a good 4 person volunteer trail crew can finish about 1/4 mile in 4 hours. Based upon this guesstimate, we’re still going to need more than 400 volunteer hours given to this project before it’s ready for grand opening come next Summer. This kind of community ownership and buy-in is absolutely essential to get something of this magnitude completed in a quality manner. So…get ready.

Pin Flagging will take place over the next couple of weeks. This is the process where we’re going to walk the trail corridor and decide exactly where and how the trail moves. Turns? Banks? Berms? S-Turns? Rollers? Bellfree is going to be the quality control, but we’ve got to come up with the initial design.

With this, we’d like to extend a Pin Flag Invitation to anyone who has already given their free time to help build the Skyline Trail. If you’re interested in helping us design the actual layout of the Skyline Trail, email us at hello@trailsfoundation.org. We’re going to be working on it next week and would love to have your ideas and feedback.

Vacation Rental Housing Needed! Bellfree is ready to bring up an RV to stay in during their tenure in Big Bear, but if someone out there has a vacation rental they would like to donate for the period of 11/12/2012-12/3/2012, this would make for happier trail builders. This is good for Big Bear. If you have a 2+ bedroom vacation cabin and are interested in a tax deduction, please let us know asap.

Get ready Big Bear. This trail is going to be good for both the nature afficonados and our local economy. World Class Trail = More People Coming To Big Bear To Spend Money.