Two new miles of singletrack have officially been added to Big Bear’s South Shore trail system. Eastern Skyline, dubbed the Plumber’s Section because of an older non-system trail originally in the vicinity, offers a connection between Upper Skyline and Fern Trail that keeps you off Forest Road 2N10.

Right now the trail is rough, with dry, powdery dirt, some steep grades, ruts from the recent races, and general unevenness that comes from a freshly cut trail. We’re hoping time, work, and moisture will pack this trail down into a equally viable bidirectional route that hikers, bikers and equestrians alike can all utilize.


Primary credit for this trail goes to USFS Dave Kotlarski, who designed the majority of the route, as well as USFS Jeanette Granger and SCMF Gavin Burke, who spent multiple days on the trail rearranging pin flags and supervising the trail crew. The trail was all hand built by a 10+ person work crew made possible via a federal RTP grant sponsored by the Southern California Mountains Foundation with the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation a partner group.


Volunteer labor will be utilized to finish this trail; as with all of the trails here, the Plumber’s Section of Skyline will need a good amount of love and attention to grow into its full potential. We got a good start on June 7th, National Trails Day, when close to 100 people converged on the trail to reroute steep corners and fine tune problem areas.

Please support us with your time or funds to see this trail through to its finished state. Thanks!