As many of you are aware the BBVTF has been working very hard to establish a single track trail that will roughly parallel 2N10.  Lots of time and effort, that often goes un-noticed has gone into this effort.  We wanted to update you on this work so you know progress continues.   A public hearing was conducted by the USFS and the public was invited to send any comments or concerns about this proposed project to them.  At a recent meeting with USFS staff we were advised that no significant negative input had been received.  This is very good news for the project.  (We want to thank all of you who attend the public hearing or who sent in e mails.)  We have been advised that there will be some money needed to do some analysis of this project.  This money will be used for a Biologist, Botanist and Archaeologist to study the area and see if there are any significant issues.  The Trails Foundation stands ready to pay for these studies and waiting to get official notice of the amount.  We were in hopes of beginning some kind of work this Fall but it appears now that may not happen.  But we are in hopes of getting all of the “paper work” done so that come spring we can begin actual work on the ground.  This is major project for the Foundation and we will keep you posted as we move along. -Phil