We’re on the way to finalizing the next steps for the South Shore Trail Network, so all of our data is trying to make its way to a central location. If you’re curious, here’s what we have:

1. Skyline Decision Memo: this is the signed agreement with the Forest Service that details what Skyline is officially all about.
2. Skyline Recreational Trail Network Map as of Summer 2012.
3. IMBA Report: Skyline Trail. See what 1/2 of $20,000 will buy you. Big file.
4. IMBA Report: South Shore Trail Network. See what the other half of $20,000 will buy you. Also a big file.
5. South Shore Trails / Team Big Bear Decision Memo: in 2002, Pat Follett and Tom Spiegel worked hard and spent money to help bring trails into the system, and it never happened. This Decision Memo, in early 2012, finally brought their work to fruition. Here are the details on the different trails officially brought into the system. Thanks Tom and Pat for pushing for this to happen for so many years!
6. South Shore Super Map: this is a google earth file that has all of the currently known details for the South Shore. Thanks to Tom S, Rob C, Todd M and Peter S for meeting one recent cold night to eat pizza, drink some beer, and brainstorm possible South Shore loop ideas; we’ll work hard to make it happen.  Download the Google Earth file or check out the below map…