Part of our South Shore project is getting good signage for all the trails on the South Shore. Last fall we recruited some local advocates and got them started. The first results are here:

“I just wanted to give everyone an quick update on the signs project. Team Big Bear, Bike for Bender and the Cycling organization have all been hard at work getting this done.

Printing Process: So far everything is going great, but it’s a very slow and tedious process. We have a pretty good system set up with the print shop where we are printing small “batches” of signs at a time to allow for more ground-truthing and higher accuracy. Identifying the requirements for intersections and front-back sticker labels and conveying exactly what we need has proven to be very difficult, but we are doing a good job at getting it right. So far we’ve only had to make few arrow corrections out in the field. It takes about 3-5 days to get a batch of signs produced by the shop, which is totally fine.

Installation: On the installation-side, it’s actually a lot more (physical) work than we anticipated to extract the old signs and mount the new ones. The ground is hard and old carsonites are tough to remove. Tom and I (Allan) are working hard to keep everything as consistent as possible (intersections, 1-2 mile intervals max…). As you can imagine standardizing the placement of the signs is very important and multiple field trips are often necessary. It’s really a 2-3 person (max) job and on average we can install about 5 signs an hour if all goes well.

Our rule of thumb is to get as much done as possible and we can always go back later and add more signs or make adjustments if necessary. We are always open to feedback.

Sign Strategy: Just so you know, here’s how it works:

If you see a “mountain” sticker, that means exactly that – the trail will take you up the mountain or along the mountain.
If you see a “ski lift” sticker, the trail will eventually connect up to other trails and take you back to Summit. You’ll only see ski lift stickers as far as Grandview-Pineknot. After that you’ll start to see “Village/house” stickers.
If you see a “village/house” sticker, the trail will take you to the village or near the village. E.g. Pineknot
If the trail takes you toward both the village and the ski lift, the ski lift sticker prevails.

It’s not a perfect science, but so far we’ve had good feedback from hikers, bikes and jeepers. I can’t tell you how many lost people we saw out there yesterday and they were so happy to see the new signs! So we are pretty happy.

Plan: The initial goal was to get Skyline to Grandview “roughed in” first and here’s what we have so far:

Skyline Rd. and trail to Grandview
Top of Radford
Snow Summit Rd
Knickerbocker to Grandview
Town (need 2 more)
Top of Seven Oaks
Grandview (need 1 more)
Top of Pineknot

At this point I would say that we are only about 30% complete.”