Summer Trails Coordinator Job

OVERVIEW: The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation, located in Big Bear Lake, CA, is looking for a summer worker to assist in trail construction, volunteer management, and community relations. We need someone who can leverage their skill and love of the outdoors to help us craft Big Bear into a non-motorized trails destination.

TIME FRAME: June through August, 2013. Spend a summer at 7,000 feet in the middle of the National Forest.
HOURS PER WEEK: Work with the Trails Foundation 24 hours a week and use the rest of your time to enjoy Big Bear.
BENEFITS: Housing, utility allowance, $8/hour.
TO APPLY: email a minimum 500 word cover letter, complete resume, and three references to
DEADLINE: position open until filled.

• Friendly and Positive: Personable and outgoing with excellent communication skills. Ability to professionally represent us.
• Public Speaking: Good at speaking to both individuals and large groups of people.
• Manage and Lead: Ability to both lead and manage large groups of people of all ages.
• Organized and Self-Sufficient: Excellent organizational skills and the ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
• Computer Savvy: tech skills include good knowledge of word, excel, email and the internet.
• Problem Solver: Ability to analyze situations, develop strategies, and implement solutions.
• Versatile and Flexible; time will be spent both inside doing desk work and outside getting dirty while doing trail work.

• At least two years of higher level college and university coursework or equivalent experience.
• Valid certification in First Aid and CPR. (Must provide on first day of employment.)
• Valid driver’s license or state ID and social security card, or United States Passport.
• Must have the means to travel by motorized vehicle on paved and dirt roads to trail locations in the San Bernardino National Forest.
• Working and modern computer and cell phone with which to maintain internet and email communication and conduct Trails Foundation business.
• Ability to pass a criminal background check.
• Experience working and recreating in the outdoors.
• A candidate should show evidence of the following characteristics: flexibility, positive outlook, creativity, concern for community safety, good interpersonal skills, a willing attitude, adaptability, decision making skills, maturity, integrity, and approachability.
• A candidate shall be in good physical health that allows the performance of any of the following possible duties: hiking over rough terrain for up to 10 miles, carrying 40lbs of equipment in a bag or backpack, performing emergency first aid and rescue skills outdoors, and using hand tools to build and maintain a dirt based multi-use trail.
• Candidates must be able to see and hear. Vision and hearing are required to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to an activity, and in daily activities and programs. Vision, which may be corrected, and hearing, which must be in a normal rage as measured by a standard audiogram, must be good enough to see and hear people in life and/or health safety endangering situations, in both daytime and nightime conditions. Vision requirements include close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less), distance vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more), peripheral vision (ability to observe an area that can be seen up and down or to the left or right while eyes are fixed on a given point), depth and perception (three dimensional vision, ability to judge distance and spatial relationships), and ability to adjust focus (ability to adjust the eyes to bring an object into sharp focus). Hearing requirements include the ability to properly use a two way radio and telephone while around groups of people to communicate with other personnel.

Tuesday 3-7pm: onsite coordination and implementation of trail maintenance and construction.
Wednesday 12-4pm : administrative and planning work.
Thursday: Off
Friday: Off
Saturday 12-4pm: interact with trail users on Big Bear trails, community representative for Trails Foundation.
Sunday 10am-4pm: onsite coordination and implementation of trail maintenance and construction.
Monday 10am-4pm: trail sign repair and replacement, collaboration with US Forest Service.
This is an excellent opportunity to see and be part of the development of a major mountain bike trail system; the Skyline Trail and South Shore Network. The Foundation has solid relations and works on a regular basis with the City of Big Bear Lake, County of San Bernardino, United States Forest Service, the Southern California Mountains Foundation, and the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA). Learn more about trail building and design, work and develop relationships with reputable agencies, and help make Big Bear into a trails-based destination. Explore our website at and then consider joining us this summer in Big Bear.