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Gianna and Jonathan’s Trail

You just might see Gianna and Jonathan cruising around town on a bright yellow tandem mountain bike, Jonathan's red hair leading back to Gianna's giant smile. Their bike is used not only for  recreation, but for transportation and errands. It's nice living in a town where you can ride much of the year if you [...]

Gianna and Jonathan’s Trail2014-03-08T08:32:17-08:00

Pam’s Trail

Pam Kalina. Super nice resident of Big Bear. Just retired as the race director of the world famous Holcomb Valley Trail Run. And she was kind enough to talk to us about one of her favorite trails here in Big Bear: the Cougar Crest Trail.   Pam's Trail was published in a May 2012 edition [...]

Pam’s Trail2014-03-08T08:33:53-08:00
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