Why Big Bear Is Cool #6: Holiday Traffic Jams

The holidays always bring various levels of pain and pleasure. Seeing your daughter ride her new bike for the first time: pleasure. Watching your brother in-law wince as he tries to drink a little spiked eggnog: pleasure. Driving into a tourist town at any moment between December 20th and January 2nd: pain. A whole heck [...]

Why Big Bear Is Cool #6: Holiday Traffic Jams2014-03-08T08:36:42-08:00

The Trail Beckoned

I had one of those weekends. I packed my tent and bike up and I went down to a mountain bike race down the hill. Bike race was just what I needed, and was on my way home on Highway 330 when I thought about Castle Rock Trail. I knew I was stopping at the [...]

The Trail Beckoned2012-03-11T07:14:30-07:00

Chutes That Stink

At the last Trails Foundation board meeting, we got into a healthy debate about opening and closing trails. Right now we're pushing hard to develop the Skyline Trail, and US Forest Service district ranger Scott Tangenberg is doing a fantastic job talking with us and helping to support this project. Scott though, like all of [...]

Chutes That Stink2014-03-08T08:37:53-08:00
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