Skyline Update 11/17/2013

Here's the official update  on Skyline Trail, as of 11/17/2013: The Trails Foundation rented a mini-excavator for a week and rough cut 8/10 of a mile of fresh trail. Similar to the process on Upper Skyline, this machine rough cut still needs a good amount of hand work and compaction to be ready for use. [...]

Skyline Update 11/17/20132013-11-17T09:39:25-08:00

Carving a New Trail into History

“Do you know what this is?” asked Driz Cook, as he held up in his hand something that looked like the axe Jack Nicholson wielded in The Shining. Standing in the parking lot of a campground in the hills above Big Bear Lake in late July, my friend Vince and I confessed we had no [...]

Carving a New Trail into History2013-08-26T08:04:28-07:00

Mechanized Build has Begun

Hans and Jorge, master operators from Bellfree Construction, are back up on the Skyline Trail working on the section from Snow Point out to Grandview Point. We're optimistic that by the end of May, there will be another large chunk of Skyline ready to a)finish by hand tool and then b)enjoy. Check out the pictures, [...]

Mechanized Build has Begun2013-05-06T18:01:50-07:00

South Shore Next Steps 2/19/2013

The Trails Foundation had its monthly board meeting last night, and we went over the general progression of steps for this next spring and summer in regards to South Shore and Skyline. Here are the next steps: General Information: if you haven't already, make sure you've read all of the information on this page. Talk [...]

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South Shore Information

We're on the way to finalizing the next steps for the South Shore Trail Network, so all of our data is trying to make its way to a central location. If you're curious, here's what we have: 1. Skyline Decision Memo: this is the signed agreement with the Forest Service that details what Skyline is [...]

South Shore Information2014-03-08T08:29:18-08:00

Skyline South Shore Update

Finally. A bit of snow. While that's welcome precipitation for the local Big Bear economy, it's also a welcome relief for the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation. Snow means a brief respite from the large amounts of work that have been taking place up on Skyline and the South Shore Trail System. This winter season [...]

Skyline South Shore Update2015-01-04T14:38:45-08:00

Skyline Build Day: 12/9/2012

Last Build Day of 2012 - Come help us build the next section of the Skyline Trail! Weather permitting, this will be the last build day of 2012, and your chance to both see what our mechanized builders have done and put the finishing touches on their work. Build now and boast were part [...]

Skyline Build Day: 12/9/20122015-01-04T14:40:54-08:00

Skyline In November

Mechanized Building is Underway! We've now got 4 days of building Skyline with Bellfree under our belts. Despite the snow and super cold temperatures from last weekend they were up here getting started, and now that things are melting it's going even faster. Check out this video, and then get ready for the final 2012 [...]

Skyline In November2015-01-04T14:39:13-08:00

Skyline Build Details

We had seven builders from the Professional Trail Builders Association respond to our bid request for the Skyline Trail. After putting everything into a confusing spreadsheet, talking to references, and confirming with board members, Hans at Bellfree Contractors was asked to come up and  help us build a flowy, sinewy, undulating and fun trail for [...]

Skyline Build Details2015-01-04T14:39:45-08:00

Getting Bids on Building Skyline

While we're off to a great start in building the Skyline Trail, the miles are going to pile up and eventually the volunteers will get tired. This is when the machines come into the picture. In an ideal world we would have professional skilled machine operators bring their dozers in and rough cut a trail, [...]

Getting Bids on Building Skyline2015-01-04T14:40:06-08:00

Skyline Build Day: 10/21/2012

Come help us build the next section of the Skyline Trail! Have fun in the forest with great people while making a difference in the world. What else could you want? No experience necessary. Check out this video if you need more convincing. RSVP's are required.     When: Sunday, October 21, 2012t. Crews start [...]

Skyline Build Day: 10/21/20122015-01-04T14:44:00-08:00

US Forest Service Meeting 10/5/2012

Meeting between US Forest Service and Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation Present: US Forest Service District Ranger Scott Tangenberg, Trails Foundation Board Members Phil Hamilton and Driz Cook. Skyline Trail Build Days Sequence: Step 1: Trails Foundation pin flags a section of trail. Step 2: Forest Service walks the pin flagged section of trail and [...]

US Forest Service Meeting 10/5/20122014-03-08T08:30:47-08:00

Skyline Trail 9/23/2012 RSVP HERE!

Despite the massive rain we've had in Big Bear over the last month, we've been in a drought; a trail building drought. The skies are opening up finally, and Sunday September 23rd will bring down the first official shovels as we hit the ground up on Skyline Corner. Come join us as we work on [...]

Skyline Trail 9/23/2012 RSVP HERE!2015-01-04T14:48:24-08:00

Local Users Advise the Trails Foundation

On Tuesday, September 11th the Trails Foundation and special guests took over the upstairs of Captain's Anchorage. Dinner, drinks, and the promise of Big Bear trail news brought together a key group of influential local trail users. Our goal: listen to their feedback and get them involved in the challenging trail based projects headed towards [...]

Local Users Advise the Trails Foundation2015-01-04T14:48:15-08:00

Summer 2012 Newsletter

As the summer of 2012 closes down on us, here’s a summary of trail related news for the Big Bear Valley. JUNE Economics of Big Bear Trails The Trails Foundation hosted a presentation about the economic benefits of trails by IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) Southwest Region Director Patrick Kell. Bottom line: trails generate revenue, [...]

Summer 2012 Newsletter2014-03-08T08:31:39-08:00

New Big Bear Trail and Mountain Bike Documentary Event

Foundation kicks off new trail & premieres documentary The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation will celebrate the kickoff of construction on the Skyline Trail and premiere the award-winning documentary Pedal-Driven on Saturday, June 2, 2012. Skyline Trail, the first new trail in the Big Bear Lake area in almost 2 decades, is a 15 mile [...]

New Big Bear Trail and Mountain Bike Documentary Event2014-03-08T08:33:14-08:00

Skyline Trail Update

As many of you are aware the BBVTF has been working very hard to establish a single track trail that will roughly parallel 2N10.  Lots of time and effort, that often goes un-noticed has gone into this effort.  We wanted to update you on this work so you know progress continues.   A public hearing [...]

Skyline Trail Update2014-03-08T08:38:08-08:00

Skyline Trail Public Meeting

On Saturday, August 20, 2011, a group of over 30 people attended the public meeting held by the US Forest Service for the proposed Skyline Trail. A general description of the project was provided by Deputy District Ranger Omero Torres, along with a short walking tour of existing and new trail sections under consideration for [...]

Skyline Trail Public Meeting2014-03-08T08:39:26-08:00
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