Yesterday Gavin, Calvin, Matt, and I (Driz) went out on the Santa Anna River Trail, South Fork to Glass Road Section. Mission was two fold; cut downed trees and scout a spur for Matt’s Adopt-A-Trail group coming up on April 9th. The heavy winter snows knocked down many trees, so we removed 6 trees from the main SART trail.
Chainsaws-4Technically, the USFS asks that volunteers working with them take a 2 day Chainsaw Class and be certified as a  Class A Sawyer before going out removing fallen trees from trails. (Add on that you need First Aid and CPR Certs before the class).
Chainsaws-3But, reality is that this is a pretty big time commitment, especially when we all know that un-certified good-intentioned people have been clearing these trails forever. Gavin and I did break down and take the 2 day Class A Sawyer class (along with Gary Keller) a couple years ago. It was 1 day in the classroom and 1 day in the field, and I learned much more than I expected – well worth the time.
Chainsaws-2With that, we are interested in hosting a 2 Day Class A Sawyer Training at the Discovery Center in Big Bear sometime this spring. Together with the USFS, the cost of this class will be free. Don’t have First Aid / CPR? A) it’s really good to have this knowledge if you are out on the trails ( and B) we can cover the cost for a small portion of people on this as well.

Interested in a Chainsaw Certification? Let us know here at

Chainsaw-1Here are some resources for the Chainsaw Clinic: