I had one of those weekends. I packed my tent and bike up and I went down to a mountain bike race down the hill. Bike race was just what I needed, and was on my way home on Highway 330 when I thought about Castle Rock Trail. I knew I was stopping at the pull out near the trail head and hiking it as soon as I thought about it. I didnt have my hiking shoes, just water shoes from Keen. Luckily Keen makes an awesome water shoe that you can hike in, because I did and they were perfect. I got out of my car with orange and water bottle in hand and in a motivated fashion, made my way up Castle Rock Trail. For those that don’t know the trail, I highly recommend it. For hiking only. This is not a bike trail or equestrian trail by any means. It is straight up, and by straight, I mean there are stairs involved, and a hiking stick is encouraged for people who are not too steady on steep stuff. The trail is 1.5 miles up, and 1.5 miles down, and once you get to the top there are large boulders and rocks, and for those that can scramble up to the top its a breath taking view. Just take your time, go with a buddy and you should be fine 🙂 I have hiked the trail many times, and know it like the back of my hand, so I felt comfortable going alone. I just happened to be wearing my Trails Foundation Shirt that says “The Trail Beckons…” on the front of the shirt, and I got sooo many comments from people. They really liked the shirt, and it was perfect for the day, because the trail literally did beckon me. I got to the top, took in the views. Relaxed. Ate my orange. And once again was so happy and thankful to live in such an amazing place, where I can hike this trail whenever I want…. or whenever it beckons. On the way down I had so much fun, doing a little trail running…. in the water shoes mind you… and it was a blast. It just felt good to get out in the forest, and have a little one on one time with good ol’ Mother Nature! When the trail beckons… listen… its calling you because it knows you need some forest time :)- Angela Meyers