Hello All;

Thank you SO MUCH for showing up to our Trails Plan Open House last night at the Discovery Center. When people show up to these meetings it sends a tremendously strong message to the Forest Service that we care and are involved in the management of our public lands. Honestly, we weren’t expecting anything close to the large turnout (60+ people) last night, so thank you for your patience!

RESOURCES: Everything you saw last night, and more (all 47 pages…), is available online in a google drive folder.

GROUP MEETINGS: if you know of a group of people that would like to have this information presented to them in a smaller setting, let us know. We are actively talking with all kinds of groups to get them involved in this public feedback process.

Remember that this is a work in progress, it has not been submitted to the Forest Service yet (goal is late spring 2017), and these plans will continue to be revised as we get more feedback from people like you.

Also, keep in mind that this plan is being developed by volunteers. As such, we’re working through time and experience limitations. But we’re getting there, and your support is invaluable. Please let us know as you have any questions, thoughts, or needs. Thank you!