Meeting between US Forest Service and Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation

Present: US Forest Service District Ranger Scott Tangenberg, Trails Foundation Board Members Phil Hamilton and Driz Cook.

Skyline Trail Build Days Sequence:

Step 1: Trails Foundation pin flags a section of trail.
Step 2: Forest Service walks the pin flagged section of trail and makes environmental adjustment notes.
Step 3: Trails Foundation adjusts pin flag section per environmental notes.
Step 4: Trails Foundation proposes build day and requests the presence of Forest Service representative.
Step 5: Forest Service confirms that their representative will be able to attend build day.
Step 6: Trails Foundation announces work day to public.
Step 7: Build Day happens.

Forest Service Representative:

The district ranger would like a Forest Service representative to accompany the Trails Foundation on any build days to ensure that all environmental concerns are being handled in an appropriate manner.

Hard and fast rule of pin flagging and trail building:

Keep the trail more than 1 meter away from trees greater than 16 inches in diameter.

Method of Trail Building:

If the Trails Foundation follows the pin flagged route and addresses Forest Service environmental concerns, they are free to choose the manner in which the Skyline Trail is built. This means that the foundation can use hand crews or mechanized methods as they see fit. If mechanized build methods are utilized, the ingress and egress routes of these machines to the Skyline Trail must be discussed and approved with the Forest Service. This is required to minimize the environmental impact that heavy machinery can have upon the forest floor.

Trail Signs:

The Trails Foundation currently has the Forest Service permission and approval to purchase and install Carsonite signs at or along any system trail in the South Shore Trail System. Before purchases forĀ  larger and more significant trail signs are made the foundation should look at the current inventory of metal signs that the Forest Service has in stock and make a plan jointly with the FS that ensures all signs are consistent in material and design.