So I had this amazing idea (or so I thought) that myself, Peter, Colin and Driz should form a team and go race at the 12 hours of Temecula mountain bike race at Vail Lake Resort in Southern California. Everyone agreed and was as crazy as I so we made plans to race, and to wear our trails foundation jerseys in the process! Well Colin dropped out because he was in a wedding, a valid excuse, so in stepped Dawn, Driz’s awesome wife, and we had our team.

For those that dont know what kind of race a 12 hour bike race is like, you can do it solo, in a duo team or a four person team. Team members take laps, one at a time, and pass the baton onto the next person. We were a four person team – 2 men, 2 women!

Fast forward to a week before the race… we were all registered… then we see the weather forecast… rain, and alot of it…. Well we were still in. I showed up at the race venue the night before, set up camp and rain started at 4:00am the day of the race. It rained until 15 minutes before the race started, and as you would guess it, I was volunteered by my teammates to take the first lap. I took off in a pack of people up thick muddy trails. Everyone was able to take their first lap on course with no rain. I take off on my second lap and a mile into the 10.2 mile lap it starts to rain. 60 degree weather and dropping, its raining… well I start riding harder, and the mud starts flying. Soon my glasses are so covered in mud I put them in my back pocket, and keep on riding. On a few down hill sections the mud is thick and slimy so going down the trail is like being on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

I came back in splattered in mud, smiling my muddy smile, and passed the baton to Driz who took off in the rain, and came back even more muddy and wet than I. Peter was next up, and also rode in the rain, and came back drenched, cold and mud everywhere. Well Miss Dawn didnt have to take a 2nd lap, because the race coordinator decided to call the race early due to unsafe conditions, and by unsafe I mean where Driz was having to walk his bike up a steep hill, and it was so muddy, he slipped and fell on his rear.

We packed up, grabbed a bite to eat and headed home, but the day was great overall, we passed out a few brochures and some people were really interested in helping with trail maintenance. We already have plans for the next one, and if you want to join us, let us know!