Don’t listen to them. Trail work is not easy. However, it can be fun…and social…and good exercise. This is exactly what happened on Wednesday night when three Trails Foundation board members worked on the 7 Oaks Trail.

We met at Aspen Glen picnic area at 5pm and rode 2 miles up to the 7 Oaks Trailhead where tools were waiting. We grabbed the tools and hiked down, noticing that the last trail crew did a great job on the first 1/4 mile. Our section was over run with weeds and the buckthorn was crowding back into the trail (we need more people to hike/ride the trail…). What stood out was the before and after; we left that piece of trail looking pristine!

I thought that my guns looked pretty good but both Driz and Colin, who favor sleeveless shirts, are totally ripped and they made me look puny when they swung a pulaski or mcleod. They must work on trails an awful lot. We laughed, worked, and even got in some riding; it was a great way to spend a Wednesday evening.

It was a total blast so mark your calendar and bring a friend / trail user with you!

Peter Sutherland